Ecclestone responds to GPDA letter, agrees F1 decision-making process is obsolete

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Bernie Ecclestone has issued a response to the letter written by the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association that called for a restructuring of Formula 1’s “obsolete” governance structure.

In a move that saw the GPDA become politicized in F1 for the first time, calls were made to change the existing structure in a bid to avoid repeating some of the “disruptive” recent decisions that missed some of the bigger issues blighting the sport.

In a letter first reported by BBC Sport that has since been posted on social media, Ecclestone agrees with the drivers that the decision-making process in the sport is obsolete.

He asks the drivers to go away and think about ways in which the sport’s governance can be restructured, before pointing out a grammatical error in their statement at the end of his latter.

Here is Ecclestone’s letter in full.

Dear Gentlemen,

I am not sure if this is the right description. It is not always to agree with you but you are correct in stating that the decision making process in the sport is obsolete and ill structured.

We must as you have stated urge the owners and all stakeholders of Formula One to consider restructuring its own governance.

It is easy to analyse what is wrong so why not think and come back on this. At least it is better to think before you wish.

I have been in Formula One for nearly fifty years in an active role and another eighteen involved in some way. You state that every individual acts with the very best intentions. I am not sure if this is a misprint. If not, it should read “with their very best intentions”.

Best wishes,