Pirelli confirms ultrasoft compound to debut in Monaco

Photo: Pirelli
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Pirelli has confirmed Thursday that its softest and newest compound, the purple-banded ultrasoft compound, will make its race debut on the streets of Monaco on May 29.

It will mean the three compounds for that race are the ultrasoft, supersoft and the soft.

The ultrasoft was on display for the first time during preseason testing at Barcelona but wasn’t expected to debut until Monaco, which it now has.

It will also be at the Canadian Grand Prix two weeks later, on June 12.

Via Pirelli, here’s the breakdown of what tires are going to which races thus far:

*The new 2016 tyre regulations mean that tyre nomination for long-haul events have to be made 14 weeks in advance, whereas for European races the deadline is eight weeks in advance. The tyres nominated so far:

Race                   Purple               Red                Yellow          White         Orange
Australia                                       Supersoft       Soft              Medium
Bahrain                                         Supersoft       Soft              Medium
China                                            Supersoft       Soft              Medium
Russia                                           Supersoft       Soft              Medium
Spain                                                                 Soft              Medium      Hard
Monaco            Ultrasoft              Supersoft       Soft
Canada            Ultrasoft               Supersoft      Soft
Azerbaijan                                    Supersoft      Soft               Medium