Gutierrez to race with fresh chassis in Bahrain

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Esteban Gutierrez will race with a fresh chassis in next weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix while the one he used in Australia is sent back to Haas Formula 1 Team’s base to be fixed.

Gutierrez crashed out of his first grand prix in almost 18 months after being hit by Fernando Alonso from behind as both cars suffered significant damage.

Gutierrez walked away unharmed from the shunt, but the same could not be said of his chassis, with team principal Günther Steiner confirming that it had been sent back to Haas’ UK base for repairs.

“Some of the parts, for example the chassis, were sent back to Europe to be checked and fixed because we can’t do it onsite in Bahrain,” Steiner said.

“We have enough spare parts to build up another chassis, so we will use that. Then the chassis that is repaired will be sent to Bahrain via air to serve as our spare.

“The guys will have to work day and night to get to Bahrain, but it’s all doable. Our spare quantity is down, but we have enough to get going again, so we will just keep on working.”

Despite not finishing the opening race of the season in Australia, Gutierrez was pleased with the progress that Haas made and feels it can be built upon in Bahrain.

“As a whole experience it was a positive weekend, apart from the unfortunate incident we had during the race,” Gutierrez said reflecting on Australia.

“We did a very good job as a team. Obviously, scoring points leaves a lot of confidence for the whole team, but still we have plenty of work to do.

“I think, in general, we can go to Bahrain making our next step forward as a team. In both organization and communication there has not been much time for the team to breathe because of the hard work in building the car and testing in Barcelona and then the first grand prix.

“Hopefully, we can consolidate things and get everything done and try to make the best of our potential.”

The Bahrain Grand Prix is live on NBCSN next weekend.