Max Verstappen sorry for Australia radio outburst

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Max Verstappen has apologized to Toro Rosso for his outburst over the radio during the Australian Grand Prix when he called for teammate Carlos Sainz Jr. to let him pass.

Verstappen finished fifth in qualifying to secure the best Formula 1 starting position of his career in Australia, only to fall back in the race due to a strategy error.

Verstappen found himself stuck behind Sainz in the closing stages of the race, growing increasingly frustrated when the Spaniard refused to move aside.

Sainz eventually finished ninth, leading Verstappen home in P10, but the Dutch youngster’s colorful language over his team radio proved to be the biggest talking point.

“It’s always easy to judge outside, but for me at that moment, at the end I want to win,” Verstappen told NBCSN ahead of this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix.

“Of course that’s not possible at the moment, but I still want the best for everyone in the team, including myself.

“It was not maybe the best way to say that on the radio so I apologize for that to the team, but I’m also an emotional person. I just want the best.”

Verstappen benefitted from the new elimination qualifying format in Australia, and believes that the much-criticized system works well for Q1 and Q2.

“I had a good qualifying so then it’s always good!” Verstappen joked.

“In general, yeah Q1 and Q2 for the driver is very exciting because you have basically one lap to put it.

“For us, and for me in general, it was just very exciting except Q3 of course.

“Maybe we need to tweak that a bit. But Q1 and Q2 for me was quite good.”