Ferrari cleared over Australia pit board message

Getty Images

The FIA has accepted Ferrari’s explanation for an alleged coded pit board message during the Australian Grand Prix three weeks ago.

Stricter rules regarding contact between the pit wall and drivers in Formula 1 have been implemented for 2016, intended to place a greater onus on drivers to run their own race.

In Australia, Sebastian Vettel was shown a message on his pit board that read ‘-3.2 LFS6 P1’ shortly after the red flag sparked by Fernando Alonso’s crash with Esteban Gutierrez.

This was spotted by a rival team who took a picture of the message to FIA race director Charlie Whiting in Bahrain last weekend.

The FIA investigated the message, but were satisfied with the explanation offered by Ferrari and took no action.

Under normal race conditions, the message would have breached the F1 sporting regulations, but it was permitted under the red flag.

Vettel ultimately finished the Australia Grand Prix in third place behind Mercedes drivers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.