Horner: 2017 F1 technical regulations a ‘compromise’

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Christian Horner believes that the proposed technical regulations for Formula 1 in 2017 do not go far enough, calling them a “compromise”.

F1 bosses are in the process of finalizing the revised technical rules for next season as they look to improve the on-track racing with a set of new radical regulations.

Officials are targeting an increase of pace of five seconds per lap by increasing the downforce and mechanical grip that cars can have.

With an agreement not being struck at the last F1 Commission meeting in Geneva at the end of February, the FIA postponed finalizing the new regulations until the end of April.

Speaking to the official F1 website, Horner said that the teams know the majority of the new regulations and will likely already be making plans for next season.

“It was planned for the end of February, but because nobody can decide these days it was postponed until April,” Horner said.

“As we already know with a fair degree of certainty what the regulations are for next year, I should think all teams are now balancing their resource between 2016 and 2017.”

Horner said that the new regulations were the result of a compromise, with his belief being that they are not radical enough.

“The cars will have more downforce, more mechanical grip. They will look more aggressive and be more of a challenge for the drivers,” Horner said.

“It is not carried as far as we would have liked – it’s a compromise solution – so let’s see.

“It is better than standing still.”

The 2017 F1 sporting technical regulations are set to be finalized on April 30.