Hamilton: Young drivers need time to progress in F1

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Lewis Hamilton has hinted that he does not agree with Red Bull’s decision to demote Daniil Kvyat in favor of Max Verstappen for the remainder of the 2016 Formula 1 season.

Red Bull announced last week that Kvyat would be returning to his former team, Toro Rosso, from the Spanish Grand Prix, with Verstappen moving in the opposite direction.

Kvyat revealed that he is yet to receive a proper explanation from Red Bull about the decision, while Verstappen feels ready to make the step up to a top-line team.

Speaking in Thursday’s FIA press conference in Spain, Hamilton praised Red Bull for its commitment to developing young drivers, but said that some need more time than others.

“Red Bull has done well in bringing young talent forwards,” Hamilton said.

“But I think they need to be aware that young drivers need time to progress. Mistakes do happen.

“There’s so much pressure on drivers at a young age, especially when you’ve not done a lot of years in lower classes, there’s so much to learn, a lot of pressure on young shoulders.

“To take a driver out of a role in a team he’s comfortable and move to another one it’s a difficult position to be in.

“Do I agree with it? It doesn’t matter, but it’s not something I would do.”

Hamilton heads into this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix trailing Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg by 43 points at the top of the drivers’ championship.

The Briton said that he is not fretting over the deficit, and instead relishes the challenge of fighting his way back into the title fight.

“It is what it is, so there’s no point being concerned. I’ve just got to work hard to move forward,” Hamilton said.

“I’ve got less engines than Nico and a few of the drivers, so I’ve got to do what I can with what I have.

“For sure I’ve got a steep mountain to climb. But I love a challenge.”