Kvyat learned of Red Bull demotion while watching Game of Thrones

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Daniil Kvyat has revealed that he found out about his shock demotion from Red Bull to Toro Rosso for the Spanish Grand Prix while watching Game of Thrones.

For a series that is filled with drama and characters being bumped off when you least expect it, it’s incredibly fitting.

Was this ‘The Red Bull Wedding’?

Last week, Red Bull announced that Kvyat would be replaced by Toro Rosso driver Max Verstappen for the remainder of the season, with the Russian moving in the opposite direction.

Thursday’s FIA press conference proved to be a fascinating affair as Kvyat was joined by Verstappen and new teammate Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz Jr.

Predictably, the majority of the questions were directed towards Kvyat and Verstappen, but both handled themselves in an incredibly grown-up manner, showing a maturity greater than their collective 40 years.

Kvyat admitted that the news had come as a shock, but he chose to look on the bright side of the demotion, believing he still has a chance to prove himself with Toro Rosso.

“The decision was a bit of a shock also for myself, but it is what it is at the moment,” Kvyat said.

“I’ve always been giving my answers on the track and nothing will change.

“There are 17 races remaining. I come back to Toro Rosso, the team I raced for in 2017, the team I like a lot, the team that the last few days gave me a very warm welcome.

“The goals are clear for the team and myself. I’ll be pushing to the absolute limits on track and be giving my answers there.

“If you look at what happened three weeks ago, we were standing on the podium. Then suddenly there were a few decisions made around. I do my best possible now with the team I am with and that’s Toro Rosso.

“I’ve done everything correctly until now and nothing will change from my side.”

Kvyat said that he did not receive much of an explanation for the decision, and feels that using the word ‘dropped’ is unfair.

“There was no real explanation to be honest,” Kvyat said. “If the bosses want something to happen, they make it happen. Simple as that.

“I think the word ‘dropped’ is a bit heavy because I still get my chance from Red Bull in Toro Rosso. I think it’s a positive thing.

“Like I said, I feel like I’ve done everything for the time. I’ve been bringing the points, I’ve been bringing the development work. I think it’s a question for other people who made this decision. They can give a better answer for that.

“I really don’t see any reason. It’s a question for them.”

Kvyat then revealed that he received a phone call from Red Bull motorsport advisor Dr. Helmut Marko regarding the decision while he was watching Game of Thrones.

“I was laying on the sofa, I was watching a TV series,” Kvyat said. “Then a phone call comes saying ‘Well, we have some news for you.’

“I think it was about a 20 minute talk. I wanted to have a lot of explanation. I got to know many interesting details, but I’ll keep it to myself for now. Dr. Marko made the phone call.

“I went back to bed to finish my TV series. That’s all.”

Time will tell whether Kvyat can do a Jon Snow with his F1 career…