Palmer gets new chassis for Canada after Monaco crash

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Jolyon Palmer will get a new chassis for the Canadian Grand Prix following his crash in Monaco last weekend.

Palmer’s race ended on the first lap of green flag running in Monaco after he spun while accelerating on the main straight in wet conditions.

The shunt severely damaged the front of his Renault Formula 1 car, leaving him in need of a new chassis ahead of the next race in Montreal on June 12.

“We went over the data and it looks like it was the lower grip as I crossed the white lines of the zebra crossing which meant my wheels span as I pushed to accelerate,” Palmer said.

“The car was pitched sideways and I collected the barriers. It was just the wrong place at the wrong time. I had a bit of bruising on my feet so it was just my ego and the car that had to suffer.

“I have been in Enstone since Monaco, to get some time in the simulator but I did also offer to get the spanners out to help build the new chassis.

“I’m very grateful for all the hard work that goes in at the track and back in Enstone and Viry and I did more than my fair share of damage to the car in Monaco.”

The 2014 GP2 champion has endured a tough start to his debut F1 season, failing to score any points in the opening six races.

However, with an updated power unit set for introduction in Canada, Palmer is hopeful of kick-starting his season soon.

“I will get the B-spec power unit for the first time [in Canada]. It looked like it made a good difference in Monaco and Canada is a more power-hungry circuit so if it was a positive step in Monaco it should certainly help our cause in Montréal,” Palmer said.

“The new engine mapping certainly looks to have been beneficial and you need good traction in out of the lower speed corners in Canada. It’s got more power too so everything is good in that regard!

“We should be a good chunk more competitive. We’ll do everything we can to maximize the car around the track and we’ll be pushing all the way as usual!”