Whiting ‘pleasantly surprised’ by ‘superb’ Baku City Circuit

© Baku City Circuit

FIA race director Charlie Whiting has praised the organizers of the upcoming European Grand Prix in Baku, Azerbaijan, saying that he is “pleasantly surprised” by the quality of the track that will be used.

The Baku City Circuit will host Formula 1 for the first time next weekend as the European Grand Prix name returns for the first time since 2012.

Esteemed F1 track designer Hermann Tilke has formed what is set to be the fastest street circuit on the calendar, with an initial test run taking place at the end of last month.

Whiting made his final visit to Baku before the race earlier this week, and was very impressed by the standard of the track that had been created.

“I was very encouraged by the huge amount of work that has been done since my last visit,” Whiting said.

“I’m pleasantly surprised to see just how much of the circuit is complete. We spent four or five hours walking around the track examining every bit of it.

“In general, I must say that the standards of the circuit built so far are absolutely superb and personally I am getting quite excited about the idea of coming here to race in a week’s time.”

The final touches will be put to the circuit in Baku next week in the days leading up to the race, with roads around the track being shut from Tuesday onwards to allow the last required work to be completed.

The European Grand Prix will take place on June 19.