Ferrari updates working as expected in Montreal

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Ferrari senior performance engineer Jock Clear is pleased with the Italian marque’s newly-updated turbo in Montreal, saying that it is performing as the team expected.

Ferrari arrived in Canada hopeful of turning its fortunes around after a winless start to the season and concerns of slipping behind Red Bull in the pecking order.

The updates offered by Ferrari so far this season have failed to live up to expectations, but Clear confirmed on Friday that the updated turbo on its power unit was yielding positive results.

“So far, they’ve performed as expected,” Clear said.

“Obviously you don’t arrive with these things fresh out of the box. It’s done a lot of work on the dynos back at home. It’s been fully calibrated.

“We should know what to expect and the good thing about today is that we’ve had no surprises in that respect. It’s doing what it said on the tin.”

Clear revealed that Ferrari could have introduced the updates in Monaco two weeks ago, but do not feel the tight and twisty nature of the circuit would have yielded representative results.

“It’s somewhat a strategic decision because obviously the different aspects of the car benefit different circuits in different ways,” Clear said.

“We try and bring a development to the car as soon as possible and accelerating that development, bringing those things to the track as fast as possible has some risk involved.

“Were we to try and get that turbo to Monaco, the benefits would not have been huge around Monaco and the risk would have been another two weeks less of development. So it’s a balanced risk that we’re always working on in all of our developments and Canada were that risk was decided to be worth taking.

“It’s a circuit that will benefit the upgrade that we’ve bought; it’s a circuit where we should be able to clearly see the benefits for ourselves – and that’s important to justify and to close the loop on that development from the factory point of view.

“This is the kind of circuit where it is going to benefit us and, as I say from the earlier question, we’re seeing that today in our data. So we’re happy.”