VIDEO: Take a virtual flying lap of Baku City Circuit with Daniel Ricciardo


This weekend’s European Grand Prix in Azerbaijan is set to be an adventure into the unknown for Formula 1 as the city of Baku hosts its first event.

The Baku City Circuit has been tipped to be the fastest street track on the F1 calendar, offering a challenging mix of long straights and exceedingly tight sections.

The initial feedback from the track walks on Wednesday and Thursday was positive, with drivers giving a thumbs up to the layout, relishing the challenge it poses.

In this video, Daniel Ricciardo takes us for a lap of the track using the new F1 2016 video game, due for release this summer.

“I think there’s a few people that are going to write off some chassis on Baku weekend,” Ricciardo said. “Hopefully not me though!

“I can’t think of anything like Baku that’s currently on the calendar. It’s tough because there are a lot of third-gear corners, so you want a bit of downforce for those, but then you’ve got a 2.5 km straight, over 20 seconds of full throttle.”