Gene Haas comfortable with progress his F1 team is making

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Gene Haas feels comfortable with the progress that his eponymous Formula 1 team is making despite failing to score any points in the last three grands prix.

Haas F1 Team became the first American operation on the grid in 30 years at the beginning of the season, and stunned the paddock by scoring points in three of its opening four races.

However, the team has not recorded a top-10 finish in the past three races and appears to have slipped towards the back of the midfield fight.

Speaking in Friday’s FIA press conference in Azerbaijan, Haas dismissed the idea of other teams moving ahead in the development race.

“No, not really,” Haas said when asked if he thought his team was losing out.

“Actually, I think the team is coalescing together quite well. There’s no more scrambling to figure out why this didn’t work or that didn’t work.

“We had a lot of problems with the simple things like radio communications and electrical boxes and at the last few races we don’t have those issues anymore.

“So they’re starting to sort out how the cars work, what it takes to put them together.

“So I think I feel very, very comfortable with the progress the team is making.”

Haas believes that one of his team’s weakest areas is in understanding and managing the Pirelli tires, particularly in cooler conditions.

“I think a lot of it is just the learning curve of trying to get the tres to work. We’ve struggled with tire temperatures,” Haas conceded.

“We’ve had issues when the safety car comes out that once the tires come out of their optimum temperature we just lose pace rather quickly.

“So that’s probably the biggest problem – trying to maintain the tyre temperatures, especially when you’re in back of the pack where you’re always going to be a few seconds off the leaders.

“That differential makes a huge impact on how hard the tires are worked and also their temperature.”