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ACO makes significant pre-race BoP changes in GTE

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In response to this week’s Balance of Performance controversy, 24 Hours of Le Mans race organizers the Automobile Club de l’Ouest have made sweeping changes to the BoP in GTE-Pro following a Friday meeting.

Ford and Ferrari have been pegged back while Aston Martin and Corvette have been helped.

Ford and Ferrari are both heavier (10 – 1238 to 1248 – and 15 kilos – 1253 to 1268 – added from the adjusted base weight, respectively, which are net totals of 5 (1243) and 25 kgs (1243) heavier than their original base weight) and Ford has had boost ratio reductions.

Meanwhile Aston Martin (0.4mm) and Corvette (0.3mm) got greater air restrictor openings, although Corvette Racing’s Doug Fehan told RACER the team only has enough to create a 0.2mm opening.

Porsche’s Frank Walliser had these emotional thoughts about the process:

Further reports are here from Sportscar365, RACER and DailySportscar, and

Fords qualified 1-2-4-5 in GTE-Pro and Ferraris 3-6-7 with their new-for-2016 turbocharged chassis, built to the new 2016 GTE regulations, while the other entries in class all made updates to their current chassis to stack up.

Dutch Grand Prix becomes fourth Formula 1 race canceled this season

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ZANDVOORT, Netherlands — The Dutch Grand Prix became the fourth Formula One race canceled this season because of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, after organizers decided Thursday they didn’t want to play host to an event without spectators.

It was to be the first Dutch GP since 1985, but F1 wants to start the season with no spectators at races.

“We would like to celebrate this moment, the return of Formula 1 in Zandvoort, together with our racing fans in the Netherlands,” race director Jan Lammers said in a statement. “We ask everyone to be patient. I had to look forward to it for 35 years, so I can wait another year.”

The race in Zandvoort was set for May 3 and initially postponed. Fans who bought tickets can use them next year.

The coastal circuit has been redesigned, with some corners banked to facilitate faster racing.

The other races canceled this year were the season-opening Australian GP on March 15; the Monaco GP on May 24; and the French GP on June 28.

Another six have been postponed.

F1 organizers still hope to reschedule those and hold 15 to 18 races this season, starting in July with back-to-back races at the Austrian GP.