Capito set to join McLaren after F1 summer break

© Getty Images

TURIN, Italy – Current Volkswagen director of motorsport Jost Capito has confirmed that he will join McLaren following Formula 1’s summer break in August.

Capito has headed up Volkswagen’s motorsport interests since 2012, leading the German marque to three successive FIA World Rally Championship titles.

McLaren announced in February that Capito would be joining in the role of CEO for its racing arm at some point during the 2016 season.

Speaking to reporters in Turin at the FIA Sport Conference on Tuesday, Capito confirmed that he now has a rough idea of when he will join the team.

“This year,” he confirmed.

“It will be the end of August, beginning of September, something around that region.”

This means that Capito will be in place at McLaren around the Belgian Grand Prix on August 28, with his last event at Volkswagen set to be Rally Germany.

Capito’s arrival does not mark his first foray into F1, having previously worked at Sauber as Chief Operating Officer.

“When you come in the paddock you still see the same faces, just older,” Capito said.

“But I don’t see that because I’m older too! I don’t see a lot of changing; of course the cars change, the technology changes, but it’s still Formula 1.”