Vettel calls F1 radio restrictions “complete bulls***”

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Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel has called the current restrictions on radio communications in Formula 1 “complete bulls***” ahead of further revisions of the rules for this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix.

Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg was penalized in the British Grand Prix two weeks ago after the team was deemed to have broken the radio rules designed to place greater onus on drivers to manage their own races.

Mercedes claimed its messages were within the rules as Rosberg was on the verge of suffering a terminal gearbox failure, but opted against appealing the decision taken by the stewards.

Further tweaks have been made to the radio rules for this weekend’s race in Hungary, with drivers now required to come into the pits if they are informed of an issue that could end their race.

Speaking in Budapest ahead of this weekend’s race, four-time world champion Vettel expressed his dismay over the rules.

“It’s complete bulls***,” Vettel said. “I think all the radio issues we had are a joke.

“I watched the race afterwards and I found as a spectator it was quite entertaining to hear a driver panicking a little bit and a team panicking at the same time.

“I think it was a human element in a sport that is arguably very complicated and technical.

“So I think it is the wrong way.”

However, Rosberg himself does not think that the rules are an issue despite being denied three points at Silverstone as a result of them.

“Fans have said we are just puppets out there and just doing what the engineers are saying, now we’re trying this and I think it’s OK,” Rosberg said.

“It makes it more challenging for us out on track, which is good. It’s fine.”