Ricciardo celebrates podium in 100th F1 race with a ‘shoey’ (VIDEO)

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Daniel Ricciardo’s reputation for being one of Formula 1’s most colorful and entertaining characters was furthered on Sunday when he celebrated scoring a podium in his 100th grand prix by doing a ‘shoey’ on the podium.

Not sure what a ‘shoey’ is? Read on.

Ricciardo battled his way to second place in Sunday’s German Grand Prix after passing pole-sitter Nico Rosberg off the line and overtaking Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen during the third stint of the race.

The Australian celebrated the result by filling his race boot up with sparkling wine from the podium ceremony before downing it for all the fans to see.

But why?

“It’s an Australian thing, it’s called a shoey,” Ricciardo told NBCSN.

“My mate Jack Miller won MotoGP a few weeks ago in Assen and did one. And to be honest from the start of the season I was like ‘if I win a race this year I’m gonna do one’.

“When I saw him win, I messaged my mates straight away, I was like ‘watch the podium, he’s gonna do a shoey I bet ya’. So I said if I win I’ll do one.

“Today, 100th race, I got a podium. To celebrate, I was like in case I don’t win this year, I’m gonna do a shoey and do my fellow Australians proud.”

There was another classic Ricciardo moment in the post-race press conference when Scottish F1 journalist Graham Keilloh of Grand Prix Times asked a question, prompting Ricciardo try and have some fun, thinking Keilloh was Irish.

“Top o’ the mornin’ to you Graham,” Ricciardo joked, before realizing: “Oh Scottish!

“I’ve wanted you to ask me a question all weekend. I was waiting to say that and I blew it.

“Viva Scotland!”