Boullier pleased by McLaren’s gains on top F1 teams (VIDEO)

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Eric Boullier is pleased by the gains that McLaren has made across the course of the 2016 Formula 1 season on the sport’s top teams, saying it proves that its recovery plan is working.

McLaren entered the 2016 season coming off the back of one of its worst racing campaigns, finishing ninth in the constructors’ championship thanks to continued difficulties with the new Honda power unit.

McLaren has already beaten its total from 2015 after just 12 races this season, sitting seventh in the constructors’ championship with Toro Rosso just three points ahead.

In a video on McLaren’s website, racing director Boullier spoke about the challenges that the team has faced so far in 2016, with particular emphasis on the correlation between its off-track simulations and teh results on-track.

“A great performance from the team is obviously having now [is] nearly 95% correlation level between what we can simulate, produce, manufacture, deliver at the track and race which is amazing,” Boullier said.

“We are pleased if I may say this to obviously catch up on the big teams, out develop the big teams. That means the momentum behind is working, that means what we are doing is working, is delivering.

“We just want to do the best job we can until the end of the season while we are preparing for 2017 as well.”