Heidfeld confirms Formula E return for season three

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Nick Heidfeld has confirmed he will return to Formula E for its third season starting in Hong Kong on October 9, but his team is still to be announced.

Heidfeld has raced in Formula E from its inception in 2014, representing Venturi in season one before moving to Mahindra for the second campaign.

With Mahindra, Heidfeld picked up his first Formula E podium in Beijing and finished the season 10th in the drivers’ championship.

In an interview with the official Formula E website, Heidfeld confirmed he’d be returning to the series for its third season, but could not confirm with which team.

“Yes, definitely but I cannot tell you where yet, it hasn’t been confirmed,” Heidfeld said.

“Expect to see my face again.”

Heidfeld is widely expected to return with Mahindra for season three, but the Indian outfit is yet to finalize its line-up. Bruno Senna is set to leave after two seasons, freeing up a seat with the team.

Reflecting on his season, Heidfeld revealed he is still adjusting to life in Formula E and getting used to the capabilities of the teams and technology.

“I’ve had a long career and I try to learn each day, each race, and each team,” Heidfeld said.

“It’s one thing I am still trying to figure out actually after I came out of Formula 1; I tried not to go into any teams with such high expectation as you can be spoiled in F1 as the teams have so much money and resources.

“In Formula E I try to push the team a lot and give a lot of ideas to push the team forward but on the other side I know that if I am being realistic, I can’t expect them to do everything I ask for.

“I am still learning how much and how far to push because it has not only happened once where I thought I will give them the main points to focus on and then you go to the next race and a mistake happens that you knew before could happen and you didn’t mention it because you thought it was too much.”