New film highlights first female SST racer, Sara Price

Photo: BitTorrent
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At the Honda Indy Toronto weekend, the Stadium SUPER Trucks featured an interesting field that included Matty Brabham, Sheldon Creed and NBCSN IndyCar analyst Paul Tracy, among others.

One of those notables in the field was Sara Price, who became the series’ first female driver that weekend.

A new documentary film, “Girls are Here to Stay,” on Price’s journey premieres today on BitTorrent and both it, and the accompanying release, are linked below.

Sara Price’s dreams have always moved fast, and now those dreams are protected by a steel roll bar and propelled by a 600-hp engine capable of sending a 3,000 pound truck soaring into the air.

After years of motocross success that included multiple national championships and X-Games medals, Price decided to take her action sports career to the next level by competing in Stadium Super Truck [SST], an off-road racing series that finds trucks barreling along a twisting course and launching off ramps with dizzying power. It’s metal, it’s fuel, it’s speed, it’s Price’s home turf.

“I’ve been doing a lot of amazing kinds of racing and adventures. I have wanted to do this for three years, it just sparked something in my brain to compete,” Price said.

But even in a sport populated by those who find joy in shattering speed limits and laughing at the mere idea of lane lines, Price is an outsider. On July 17, mentored by racing legend Robby Gordon, Price became the first woman to ever compete in STT during a race in Toronto, Canada, a historic moment that was both the end of a three-year journey to her first finish line and the beginning of a long race towards the top.

As Price put it, when she puts on her helmet and mashes that gas pedal she’s no different than any other racer, but as someone who began racing her racing career as an eight-year-old girl in Southern California, she’s also aware of the inspirational impact she can have on anyone determined to cross lines and break new ground.

“I can encourage a little girl who’s told she’s not going to be able to achieve something, to know anything’s possible,” she said.

BitTorrent’s dedicated to supporting the dreams of all those who dare to live out loud and we’re excited to watch Price’s career continue to unfold, one lap, scratched bumper and checkered flag at a time. Never let someone else build your ceiling; and if they do, don’t be afraid to hop in a super truck and smash through expectations. Sara Price would.