Halo gets further tests at Monza with Button, Perez, Verstappen

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Jenson Button, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez became the latest drivers to sample the proposed ‘Halo’ Formula 1 cockpit protection during Italian Grand Prix practice on Friday.

After the F1 Strategy Group decided to shelve plans to introduce the Halo until 2018, further testing has taken place in the past couple of weeks.

Nico Rosberg completed the first extended run using the Halo at Spa last weekend ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix, reporting that his visibility was fine with it fitted to the Mercedes W07 Hybrid.

Button, Perez and Verstappen all ventured out using the Halo in FP1 at Monza on Friday ahead of this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix.

“It was just an installation lap, but I didn’t feel it gave me any problems with visibility,” Perez said.

“Getting out of the car is a bit more of a struggle, but it will be interesting to see how this technology develops over time.”

“The halo trial this morning was OK – there were no major issues with it,” Button added.

“Perhaps it could be a little more difficult to see the lights on the start-line and in the pit-stops, but there are still so many possibilities to move things around.

“It feels a little strange: at 200 mph, instead of focusing on the next corner, you’re focusing on something dead ahead of your eyes – which can make you a little cross-eyed.”

One of the main concerns raised that led to the Halo being delayed until 2018 was that only a select number of drivers had tried it out.

However, with regular tests set to continue, the entire F1 grid will be able to offer its feedback ahead of any possible introduction.