Agag expecting more Formula E races in Asia for season four

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HONG KONG – Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag expects the series to stage more races in Asia from next season, with talks planned over the Hong Kong ePrix weekend.

Formula E’s third season gets underway on Sunday as Hong Kong plays host to its first race exactly one year after the event was first announced.

Hong Kong is the only Asian round on the calendar for season three, down from two in the opening two campaigns when Beijing and Putrajaya both hosted races.

With the Moscow ePrix also being cancelled in season two and not featuring on the season three calendar, the next most-easterly race is in Berlin, Germany.

However, Agag expects the situation to change for season four, with a number of meetings regarding possible races planned in Hong Kong.

“We are working now on the calendar. We haven’t even done the first race of season three, but we are already working on season four,” Agag explained.

“We are actually meeting here. I am meeting personally I think five potential candidates for races during this weekend, and I think we have over 15 delegations from cities coming to this race from Asia, many from mainland China.

“Our plan would be to have obviously we would love to stay in Hong Kong for many years, and it looks like that’s what will happen. But also we would like a race in mainland China and I think one more race in Asia too.”

Agag spoke warmly of the Hong Kong race, which is being held in Central on Hong Kong Island with many of the state’s most iconic buildings as a backdrop.

“I think the team has done an incredible job,” Agag said.

“I think this puts the bar really, really high for the next races, and I think for motorsport in general.”