Brawn would like to see Rosberg beat Hamilton to F1 title

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Former Mercedes Formula 1 chief Ross Brawn would like to see Nico Rosberg beat Lewis Hamilton to the drivers’ championship in 2016.

Brawn worked with Rosberg and Hamilton during his stint at Mercedes, managing them both in the role of team principal through 2013 (pictured at the British Grand Prix) before quitting at the end of the season.

Hamilton has beaten Rosberg to the drivers’ title for the past two years, but the German now stands on the brink of a maiden championship success.

Should Rosberg win next weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix, he would win the title with one race to spare, and can also clinch it with two podium finishes in the last two rounds.

Speaking to BBC Sport, Brawn said he would like to see Rosberg win the title in 2016 after spending the past three years in Hamilton’s shadow.

“The great thing about this year is that whatever driver wins it they will have deserved it,” Brawn said.

“We can talk about the reliability record, but reliability comes and goes for every driver every year and you have to accept that’s an unfortunate part of the business.

“Only for emotional reasons I would love Nico to win it because he is such a tough little nut. He has been bashed around so much by Lewis.

“Lewis is naturally talented, a better driver, he is slightly quicker than Nico.

“But Nico is so tenacious and has such good application that he is compensating for it.”