Whiting joins Mexican GP podium combatants in Brazil press conference

Getty Images

FIA Race Director Charlie Whiting will make a rare and unusual appearance in Thursday’s FIA Press Conference at the Brazilian Grand Prix alongside all three drivers who at one point had finished third in the Mexican Grand Prix.

Whiting will join Red Bull’s pair of Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo and Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel in what could be a very enlightening press conference.

Per the FIA, Whiting will attend but be limited on scope of discussion. “FIA Race Director Charlie Whiting will attend the latter part of the Thursday Drivers’ Press Conference, alongside the nominated drivers, to talk about the 2016 FIA Formula One Mexican Grand Prix. On this occasion he will be present to address this topic ONLY,  in order to avoid questions are not in line with the facts in discussion,” the statement read.

To recap the controversial ending at Mexico, Verstappen initially was third, then got docked five seconds after his off-course excursion to promote Vettel to third, before Vettel was docked 10 seconds hours later for his driving standards, which promoted Ricciardo to the podium.

Analysis was written, Vettel was let off the hook by the FIA for his explosive radio outburst but one that showed a rare human side, and further condemnation came in a biting column from Stefan Johansson.

The other three drivers called are Mercedes AMG Petronas teammates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg – Rosberg having the opportunity to win the World Championship this weekend – and Williams’ Felipe Massa ahead of his final Brazilian Grand Prix.

Considering in Japan only three Grands Prix ago, Hamilton’s Snapchat antics was the story, it’s funny that now Hamilton will be least under the microscope of those present on Thursday.

Whiting’s presence figures to be an intriguing one.