Perez cuts ties with sponsor over comment after Trump election victory

© Getty Images

Sergio Perez has cut ties with personal sunglasses sponsor Hawkers following a comment made in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential election.

Trump has long-stated that one of his main plans if elected president would be to build a wall between the United States and Mexico to curb illegal immigration and make crossing the border more difficult.

On Wednesday, Hawkers sent out a tweet from its Mexican account saying: “Mexicans, wear our glasses so they don’t notice your puffy eyes [from crying] tomorrow at the construction of the wall.” The tweet has since been deleted.

Despite Hawkers insisting in later tweets that the comment was meant in jest, Perez announced publicly on Twitter that he would be ending his relationship with the brand as a result of the message.

“What a bad comment,” Perez tweeted. “Today I finish my relationship with Hawkers. I will never let anyone mock my country!”