Alonso plays cameraman as #PlacesAlonsoWouldRatherBe returns (VIDEO)


Fernando Alonso may be known for being one of Formula 1’s most talented and tenacious drivers, but he has also established himself as a very good sport over the past couple of years.

The stand-out moment from the end of last season was #PlacesAlonsoWouldRatherBe, a meme that took over the internet in the wake of Brazilian Grand Prix qualifying after Alonso made the most of an on-track stoppage.

So when Alonso’s McLaren stopped out on-track during FP2 at Interlagos on Friday and the Spaniard found himself stranded until the end of the session, it was inevitable what would follow.

At first, Alonso simply watched on and kicked a small stone around, performing keepy-uppies. “If only he had a deckchair!” cried the F1 community on Twitter.

And then its prayers were answered.

Courtesy of an FOM cameraman, Alonso managed to get a deckchair, and even tried his hand at working the camera. The results were somewhat shaky…

The morale of the story? Embrace the meme. Thank you Fernando Alonso.