Hamilton: Thrilling Brazil victory ‘one of the easier’ races of F1 career

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Lewis Hamilton believes that his stunning victory in Sunday’s wet and wild Brazilian Grand Prix was “one of the easier ones” of his Formula 1 career as he kept his drivers’ championship hopes alive.

In a race that finished over three hours after it started and featured two red flag stoppages, Hamilton kept his cool to lead throughout en route to his 52nd career victory.

The result ensures that he heads to the F1 season finale in Abu Dhabi in two weeks’ time still capable of winning a fourth world championship, with teammate Nico Rosberg’s lead now down to just 12 points.

Despite the dramatic nature of the race, Hamilton said that he remained relaxed up front throughout, suffering no real scares.

“For me I was generally just chilling up front. When it rains that’s usually a good day for me, and today was tricky for everyone,” Hamilton said. “There were definitely opportunities for aquaplaning, which everyone did.

“I want to say a big thank you to my team because we’re creating history in this team. This year, the stuff that we’ve done, the results that we’ve got, it’s just so incredible.

“It was kind of interesting to hear in the race how many people behind were spinning, but I didn’t have that problem so I’m very happy about it.”

When asked how the victory compared to his others, Hamilton said: “Probably one of the easier ones. It was a very easy race generally.

“Usually in the rain here it is the hardest, but I didn’t have any spins or any moments. It was pretty straightforward.”

Hamilton knows that a fourth straight victory in Abu Dhabi may not be enough to win the title, but he is refusing to back down in the fight against Rosberg.

“I’m hunting, I’m hunting. All I can do is do what I’m doing right now,” Hamilton said.

“The team is giving me a great car and finally the reliability is being really good, the results are really showing that. I’m going to go and give it all I’ve got, Abu Dhabi is generally a really good track for me.

“Right now I’m just going to live in the moment. This has been my dream since the first time I watched Ayrton [Senna] race. It’s the 44th grand prix here [44 being Hamilton’s car number] so it’s kind of a lucky weekend.”

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix takes place on November 27.