Brawn clarifies comments about Schumacher showing ‘encouraging signs’ in recovery

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Ross Brawn has clarified his recent comments concerning Michael Schumacher’s condition, having been quoted as saying that the Formula 1 legend was showing “encouraging signs” in his recovery.

Schumacher sustained severe head injuries after falling while skiing in December 2013, requiring an extensive rehabilitation program following a period in a medically-induced coma.

The latest official update on Schumacher’s condition confirmed that he is unable to walk following false claims in the German press.

Last month, Brawn spoke about “encouraging signs” regarding Schumacher’s condition, the pair having worked together in all seven of the German’s drivers’ championship wins.

However, the former Ferrari, Benetton and Mercedes chief has now clarified his comments, saying they were not intended to give people false hope.

“I was quoted as saying he’s improving and it was not what I really meant,” Brawn told The Guardian.

“The family are conducting his convalescence in private and I need to respect that.

“So I don’t want to comment on his condition beyond saying we’re extremely hopeful we’ll see Michael as we knew him at some point in the future.”

Brawn also revealed how he learned of Schumacher’s accident three years ago.

“I was going up to Scotland for new year and his PA called. We cancelled our plans and went to see him,” Brawn said.

“It was terribly traumatic for the family, and shocking for us. Michael was such a strong character and all through his racing career he only suffered a broken leg.

“The irony of this happening during a quieter life was terrible.”