Brawn has ‘no problem’ with Wolff despite book claims

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Former Mercedes Formula 1 team principal Ross Brawn says he has “no problem” with executive director Toto Wolff, despite revealing last month that a lack of trust with the Austrian prompted him to resign from his position.

Brawn took on the team principal role at Mercedes following the German manufacturer’s purchase of his eponymous operation, Brawn GP, at the end of 2009.

Brawn resigned following the 2013 season due to an alleged lack of trust with Wolff and non-executive director Niki Lauda, as revealed in his new book Total Competition.

With speculation suggesting that Brawn could be set to return to F1 in a sporting role in the future, Wolff has said that he would welcome the Briton’s presence in the paddock.

Speaking to The Guardian, Brawn said that he has no problem with Wolff, instead understanding that professional conflicts are part and parcel of competition.

“There’s no problem between me and Toto now. Formula 1 is a tough business and you cross swords with many people,” Brawn said.

“But I always wanted to compete with someone on a Sunday and have a glass of wine with them afterwards. Same with Mercedes.

“I may not agree with everything they do but I want us to have a decent relationship.

“I’ve since seen Toto socially several times.”

Despite leaving the team before any of its championship wins, Brawn is considered by Mercedes to have been integral to its success in the V6 turbo era since 2014.

Simply winning another title was not enough reason for Brawn to stay, though, having already won numerous titles with Benetton, Ferrari, and his own team in 2009.

“The book helped me realize I was as much responsible for events as they were. It had run its course and the motivation I once had didn’t exist any more,” Brawn said.

“Just winning another world championship was not a reason for me to stay. But I had lots of good friends and felt sensitive towards Lewis because I had persuaded him to go to Mercedes.

“But the team was in very good shape and all the signs were that 2014 would be a winning year. So it proved.”