WEC, Le Mans ‘attractive’ to Kubica as he considers 2017 options

© FIA WEC/Adrenal Media

Ex-Formula 1 driver Robert Kubica says he finds the possibility of a move into the FIA World Endurance Championship “attractive” following his first LMP1 test on Sunday.

Kubica joined the ByKolles team for the WEC rookie test in Bahrain, completing 27 laps behind the wheel of the CLM P1/01 AER car.

The Pole raced in F1 between 2006 and 2010 before being forced to quit single-seater racing due to severe injuries sustained to his right hand and arm while rallying in the off-season.

After spending three years in rallying, Kubica is now looking to return to circuit racing in 2017, with Sunday’s test being the latest step towards that.

Speaking to reporters following the test, Kubica said he was open to a possible move into the WEC next season should the stars align.

“The races are high-level races. It’s not that you go chill out and you do 12 hours, 24 hours cruising; you have to push,” Kubica is quoted as saying by Sportscar365.

“Because it’s something new, I’m not 100 per cent sure I will like it. But on the other hand every new challenge gives you some extra motivation to try them to see if you can do it well.

“But for sure if I would decide to do it, it’s because I want to do it, not because I don’t have anything else to do. I came here just to see, to get rid of some doubts I have.

“I know there are areas where I will need to dedicate a bit of time if I will become a proper endurance race driver, but I think if most of the drivers can get used to it and they manage to do it, I don’t see the reason why I shouldn’t do it.

“The category is a very high level and I think it’s growing up a lot, although Audi pulled out which is a shame, but for sure endurance races plus Le Mans makes something very attractive.”

Kubica said he had no firm idea of his racing plans for 2017 yet, but is in no rush to make a final call.

“The fact is I do not know what I will be doing, and to be honest it’s a bit of putting me, not under pressure, but I admit I would prefer to know.

“But on the other hand I don’t want to hurry. If something good comes, I will speak about it.”