Pirelli announces 2017 Australian, Chinese Grand Prix tire picks

Getty Images

Owing to the long gap in needing to announce its tire selection before flyaway races – 15 weeks instead of the nine for European rounds – Pirelli has already announced which of its new for 2017 tire compounds will be on hand at the first two races of the 2017 Formula 1 season.

The Australian Grand Prix from March 24-26 will feature soft, supersoft and ultrasoft compounds, the three softest on offer. Meanwhile the Chinese Grand Prix from April 7-9 will see Pirelli bring the medium, soft and supersoft.

Full details from Pirelli on the new 2017 tires and the regulations that go along with them are linked here.

A new back-up compound has been homologated along with the five dry-weather base compounds, but that’s not expected to be introduced to a race until later in the year.