Survey reveals local support for Singapore GP amid doubt over F1 future

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70% of Singaporeans believe that their nation’s Formula 1 race has been a positive force for the country, according to a new survey.

The future of the Singapore Grand Prix is thought to be in doubt, with its existing contract set to expire after the 2017 race at Marina Bay.

The night-time event has been a firm favorite in F1 since it joined the calendar back in 2008, with F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone telling The Straits Times back in November: “We want to extend long-term”.

With neighboring Malaysia set to drop its grand prix after 2018 due to a supposed drop in interest, support for the race in Singapore has now become clear after a poll from British company YouGov.

The survey polled over 9,000 people in the Asia-Pacific region, including 1,002 Singaporeans, with a majority believing that the race had been a positive for the country.

When asked “has the Singapore Grand Prix been a net positive or net negative for the country?”, 18% responded “very positive”, with a further 52% saying it was “somewhat positive”.

24% said the race was “neither positive nor negative”, with just 7% giving either “somewhat negative” or “very negative” as an answer.

However, when asked if they would like to see the race return beyond 2017, affirmative support fell to 57%. 19% said they did not want to see it return, while 25% were undecided.

The YouGov report also showed that 46% of Malaysians polled disagree with the decision to stop hosting F1 after 2018, while Ferrari was the brand most strongly associated with the sport, as per 56% of respondents.

You can see the full YouGov report here.