Massa enjoys Jaguar Formula E test, finds car ‘completely different’ to anything else

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Williams Formula 1 racer Felipe Massa enjoyed “a really fun day” testing for Jaguar’s Formula E team earlier this week, saying that the car was “completely different” to others he has driven.

Massa, 35, was known to be considering a move into Formula E for 2017 after announcing his plan to retire from F1 at the end of last year, making way for rookie Lance Stroll to join Williams and partner Valtteri Bottas.

Following Nico Rosberg’s shock decision to retire from F1 and Mercedes’ move to sign Bottas, Williams lured Massa out of retirement and brought him back for 2017 to ensure the team had at least one experienced driver.

Despite having a full season of F1 racing ahead, Jaguar confirmed last week that Massa would be testing its Formula E car, the I-Type, after receiving a request from the series to conduct running.

“I would like to thank Panasonic Jaguar Racing for giving me this opportunity,” Massa said after the test.

“It was great to experience a Formula E car as it’s something completely different to anything I’ve driven previously.

“The different power, brakes, tires and downforce mean it requires quite a different driving style. I’m happy with the experience and what I have learnt.

“Overall, it’s been a really fun day.”

Massa is understood to have carried out the test using one of Jaguar’s allocated development days for season four, with restrictions being placed on in-season running using the current car.

Should the Brazilian opt to move into Formula E at the end of the year, it is possible that he will make the grid for the start of season four, with series officials hoping to kick off the new campaign in Hong Kong at the beginning of December.

Jaguar will return to the track with full-time Formula E drivers Mitch Evans and Adam Carroll in Buenos Aires on February 18.