Ex-FIA president Mosley would have kept Ecclestone in charge of F1

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Former FIA president Max Mosley believes that Liberty Media should have kept Bernie Ecclestone in charge of Formula 1 following its acquisition of the sport.

Liberty completed its takeover of F1 two weeks ago, with American executive Chase Carey replacing Ecclestone as CEO.

Carey will run the sport alongside commercial chief Sean Bratches and sporting manager Ross Brawn, while Ecclestone has been given the honorary position of chairman emeritus.

Mosley ran F1 alongside Ecclestone during his time as FIA president between 1993 and 2009, and believes that Liberty has made a mistake by not keeping the 86-year-old at the helm.

“I think it may be quite difficult [for Liberty]. I think what [Ecclestone] was brilliant at was dealing with the promoters and the organizers and the whole structure of the championship,” Mosley told ITV News.

“For somebody new to come in without all the personal relationships it may be difficult. If it had been me I’d have kept him on doing the things that he’s demonstrably very good at and concentrated my efforts on doing the things that up to now have not been done, like interactive television, virtual reality, social media, the internet and all the rest of it.

“All of that’s been slightly neglected in Formula 1 and that’s the sort of thing that Liberty will probably be very good at.”

Mosley was quick to praise Liberty’s decision to make Brawn F1’s new sporting managing director, saying the ex-Ferrari and Mercedes team boss will be of huge value to the sport’s new owner.

“Ross completely understands the sport and he understands what needs to be done and he’s got an absolutely first class analytical brain,” Mosley said.

“I think he’ll be an enormous asset to them and that [sporting] side isn’t really what Liberty should be doing. Ross is outstanding so they made a good choice there.”