Sebastian Vettel crashes during wet-weather Pirelli test at Fiorano

© Getty Images

Sebastian Vettel’s wet-weather running was cut short on Thursday at Fiorano after the German crashed out while testing Pirelli’s prototype tires.

Pirelli was granted two days of wet running to help prepare for the 2017 season when its tires have changed size dramatically, becoming 25 per cent wider at both the front and the rear of the car. The test was also designed to begin developments for 2018.

Vettel was testing a modified version of Ferrari’s 2015 car, the SF15-T, at its private test track on Thursday when he lost control in the wet conditions and crashed into the barrier.

Images posted on Twitter showed Vettel’s car going straight on at a downhill left-hand corner and proceeding to hit the barrier head-first.

Vettel was unharmed in the accident, but it remains unclear whether Ferrari will be able to continue its testing program on Friday at Fiorano.