Ross Brawn wants long-term solution to remove DRS from F1 cars

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Ross Brawn wants to develop Formula 1’s technical regulations so that overtaking is easier to complete, meaning that DRS can be removed from the series’ cars.

The Drag Reduction System (DRS) was introduced to F1 in 2011 in a bid to improve overtaking, with drivers allowed to open a flap in their rear wing when within one second of the car ahead so that it would be easier to pass.

Brawn has recently become F1’s new sporting managing director following the takeover of the series by Liberty Media, and is tasked with improving the on-track spectacle.

DRS has proven controversial throughout its time in F1, and while Brawn is not planning to immediately remove it, he would like to see the regulations make overtaking more natural to remove the purpose of the aid.

“I think we have to look at the whole topic of overtaking and racing and how the cars can race and overtake each other,” Brawn told the official F1 app.

“I would prefer that to be let’s say a normal process rather than enhanced by DRS. But DRS was a solution because we had a problem at the time.

“I don’t think we should rush into taking DRS off, but what I would like to see is a better long-term solution to car design that enables us to not need DRS.”

2017 sees F1’s look change dramatically following the introduction of new technical regulations that have resulted in faster, more aggressive looking cars.

Brawn paid a visit to pre-season testing in Barcelona to see the cars in action, and was impressed with the early feedback.

“I think as a racing car, it looks more exciting. I think the general proportions of the car are better, much faster, pretty impressive in the corners,” Brawn said.

“The drivers I’ve spoken have told me they’re pretty physically challenging, which is what we wanted.”