Lewis Hamilton: Growing celebrity profile ‘can only be a good thing’

© Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton believes that his growing celebrity profile away from Formula 1 “can only be a good thing” as he begins to think about his post-racing life.

Three-time world champion Hamilton is one of the most visible drivers to have raced in F1, gracing red carpets all over the world and enjoying a number of other pursuits, including music recording.

The Briton has come under fire at times for his off-track lifestyle, with ex-Renault F1 chief Flavio Briatore telling Hamilton last year that he should focus more on his racing duties.

However, Hamilton is planning for a post-F1 life away from racing, and believes that his growing celebrity status and public awareness will help this.

“I think it can only be a good thing for me,” Hamilton told the official F1 website.

“As long as I deliver and people recognize me as much in the car as on the red carpet then I still have something when I stop racing.

“Pretty much most drivers are recognized in the car, but as soon as they are on the red carpet nobody knows the hell who they are.

“That’s why many end up in the paddock again – and I have plans to do something very different!”