Paul Hembery handed new Pirelli role amid management reshuffle

Getty Images

Pirelli’s Formula 1 tire chief Paul Hembery has been appointed the company’s new executive director for Latin America following a reshuffle of its senior management positions.

Hembery has overseen Pirelli’s F1 interests since its return to the sport as tire supplier in 2011 as motorsport director, with Mario Isola working as his understudy.

As confirmed by Pirelli on Tuesday, Hembery will now become its LatAm executive director, but will continue to oversee its motorsport interests. Isola has been made Pirelli’s head of car racing and will take on more of the day-to-day duties in F1.

“With effect from 15 March 2017, Paul Hembery has been nominated Executive President of Pirelli Latam Region Consumer, which includes operating units in Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela,” a short statement from Pirelli reads.

“The motorsport activities, for which Hembery will continue to ensure overall coordination, remain entrusted to Mario Isola, as Head of Car Racing, and Giorgio Barbier, as Head of Moto Racing, together with Gianni Guidotti, Head of Technical and Commercial Operations.”

Pirelli has introduced a new range of F1 tires for 2017, increasing the size of its compounds by 25 per cent and making them more durable and consistent following complaints from drivers in recent years.