Todt: Manufacturers would leave F1 if V10 engines returned

Getty Images

FIA president Jean Todt believes there would be an exodus of manufacturers from Formula 1 if the series returned to the more powerful V10 engines used in the past.

F1 has raced with V6 turbo power units since 2014, with the sound they produce being a serious point of contention for many in the paddock including former CEO Bernie Ecclestone.

V10s were last used in 2005, with 2004 producing the majority of existing lap records in F1 due to the combination of tire rules, refueling allowance and the powerful engines.

While many have called for F1 to ditch its more fuel-friendly and economical engine formula in favor of a return to V10s, Todt has ruled this out, saying it would result in a number of manufacturers leaving.

“It will not be accepted by society,” Todt said in the FIA’s Auto publication.

“Again, we have a responsibility to run an organization monitored by global society. And global society will not accept that.

“Indeed, I’m sure if you said: ‘Let’s go back to engines from 10 years ago’, many manufacturers would not support such a move.

“I’m convinced a minimum of three out of four would leave.”

The decision to ditch V8s in favor of V6 turbo power units in 2014 came in the wake of manufacturer pressure, with Mercedes and Renault both pushing for a more road-relevant and economical solution to F1 power supply.