Pirelli confirms 2017 F1 tire picks up to Azerbaijan GP


Pirelli has announced its Formula 1 tire compound selections for Spain, Monaco, Canada and Azerbaijan.

As in 2016, Pirelli has been confirming which tires the 10 F1 teams will have on offer for races several weeks in advance (14 for long-haul events, eight for European rouns).

Three compounds are made available to teams on each grand prix weekend, with Pirelli selecting the most suitable tires depending on the circuit.

Following the introduction of new, wider tires for 2017, Pirelli will allocate the number of sets of each compound every team gets up to and including the Spanish Grand Prix.

From Monaco onwards, teams will be able to largely choose how many of each compound they take to races.

May’s Spanish Grand Prix will see Pirelli offer teams its three hardest compounds – hard, medium and soft – given the high-degradation nature of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

The three softest compounds – ultra-soft, super-soft and soft – will be on offer for Monaco and Canada in light of the low tire wear. Azerbaijan’s Baku City Circuit warrants super-soft, soft and medium picks.