Mahindra beats electric open-wheel record at Goodwood with Formula E car

Spacesuit Media/Lou Johnson

Mahindra Racing has set a new benchmark for an electric open-wheel car at the historic Goodwood hillclimb in England after taking part in the final Festival of Speed shootout on Sunday.

Mahindra confirmed last week that it would give its season four Formula E car, the M4Electro, its public debut at Goodwood, some five months ahead of its first race appearance.

Ex-Formula 1 driver and overall Goodwood hillclimb record-holder Nick Heidfeld took the M4Electro to the finish in 48.59 seconds, putting him fifth overall in the final running order. The fastest time of the day was set by Justin Law in a Jaguar XJR12D, who completed the hillclimb in 46.13 seconds.

While Heidfeld may have failed to finish at the top of the timesheets, his effort was still good enough to mark a new open-wheel electric record at Goodwood.

“It’s been an amazing weekend here once again in Goodwood. I’ve come to it many times and the mixture and volume of cars and people here is astonishing,” Heidfeld said.

“It was good fun to drive up the hill, with the target of setting a new electric single-seater record which we managed to do. But I think we have to come back to beat the outright electric record which we didn’t quite manage.

“What was also very positive is that next season’s powertrain, which we showed here for the first time, ran problem free even though we haven’t had many tests with it before, so all in all it was a very good weekend.”

Heidfeld and Mahindra will be back in race action in two weeks’ time at the New York City Formula E race.