New 2018 Formula 2 car featuring Halo unveiled at Monza

FIA Formula 2

FIA Formula 2 officials have unveiled the new car that will be used by the championship from 2018, featuring the ‘Halo’ cockpit protection device that will also be in Formula 1 next year.

F2 is currently racing with the Dallara GP2/11 car that has been in the category since 2011, operating as GP2 until the end of last season.

After being retained beyond its initial three-year cycle to keep costs down, the new car features a change in engine specification, switching from a V8 to a V6 turbo to bring the category more in line with F1.

Most notably, the Halo has been added to the car, with the FIA planning to introduce it to all feeder championships when a new car is introduced.

“The unveiling of the 2018 FIA Formula 2 car is an important moment for the FIA as we complete the single-seater pyramid from karting right through to the pinnacle of motor sport in the FIA Formula One World Championship,” F1 race director Charlie Whiting said.

“The plan for a more structured junior formula ladder is designed to feature cars that better prepare drivers for the next step. For Formula 2, that means we needed a car that will not only educate, but will also allow the drivers that are most ready for Formula One to shine brightest.

“The car has been developed to include improved aesthetics, as well as bringing the safety level up to the highest standards for single-seater cars, and to ultimately bring it closer to a modern Formula One car on both of these points.

“We are proud to present the 2018 FIA Formula 2 Championship car alongside the Promoter, Formula One Management, and we look forward to our continued partnership at this level with this exciting new car.”