Ecclestone blames McLaren, not Honda, for Formula 1 split

Getty Images

Ex-Formula 1 ringmaster Bernie Ecclestone believes that McLaren is to blame for its recent struggles and imminent split with engine partner Honda.

McLaren is poised to announce in the coming days it will be ending its engine deal with Honda after three difficult years, linking up with Renault from 2018.

Now F1’s chairman emeritus following Liberty Media’s takeover of the sport in January, Ecclestone expressed his doubt over McLaren’s decision, believing the team will be no better off with Renault than it is now with Honda.

“The Renault deal is all done. [Fernando] Alonso staying is super news,” Ecclestone told the Daily Mail.

“‘But I can’t see why McLaren will be any happier with Renault than they are with Honda.

“It wasn’t Honda’s fault things didn’t work out – it was McLaren’s. Every day they had a fight about everything, instead of working with them, which was a little bit stupid.”