Pirelli announces new, pink F1 tire for 2018; fans to select name

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Pirelli has announced plans for a new Formula 1 tire compound for the 2018 season that will become the softest in its range, as well as using the pink design seen over the United States Grand Prix weekend.

Pirelli currently offers teams five tire compounds – hard, medium, soft, super-soft and ultra-soft – to use throughout the season, with any three being made available for each race weekend.

Following calls for tires to be less conservative in the future after a number of one-stop races this year, Pirelli confirmed on Sunday following the Brazilian Grand Prix it would be introducing a new compound for 2018 that is softer than the existing ultra-soft.

Fans will choose from three possible names for the tire – mega-soft, hyper-soft and extreme-soft – via Twitter, with the compound set to be colored pink for 2018.

The ultra-softs’ usual purple walling was replaced by pink for the USGP in Austin, Texas as part of F1’s efforts for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, with the design proving popular among fans and teams. Pirelli’s full breakdown is linked here and summarized below.

2018 Formula 1 Tire Compounds and Colors

Hard – orange
Medium – white
Soft – yellow
Super-soft – red
Ultra-soft – purple
Mega-soft/hyper-soft/extreme-soft – pink

Intermediate – green
Wet – blue