Countdown to 40th Dakar Rally: Surviving a front flip (VIDEO)

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As we count down to the 40th Dakar Rally, coming in January 2018 to NBCSN, here’s another quick video showcasing the challenge of the event itself.

In 1996, so more than 20 years ago, Bruno Saby won the opening stage of the Granada-Dakar Rally.

But when he caught too much air on a patch of dirt, his front wheels dug into the surface and sent him into a barrel roll that is one of the more spectacular incidents in the rally’s history.

However, the allure of coming back to the Dakar continued. He won another stage the next year, and the first three stages of the rally in 1998. He was a two-time FIA World Rally Championship rally winner.

The event shifted to South America in 2009 and has been there ever since.