Marko: F1 moving in ‘right direction’ with 2021 engine plans

Getty Images

Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko is pleased by the proposed direction for the new Formula 1 engine rules, saying they need to be simple enough for fans to understand and appreciate.

F1 officials confirmed plans for its future engine rules, set to come into force for 2021, at the end of October, with a reduction in cost and greater simplicity being two key areas of focus.

Red Bull has long been opposed to the existing V6 turbo hybrid power units, introduced to F1 in 2014, while the rival Mercedes team has already expressed its uncertainty about the future plans.

However, Marko is confident that the direction F1 is heading in with its 2021 proposals is the correct one, giving fans an easier understanding of the engines and technology.

“It is going in the right direction. Clearly it could not go on like it was,” Marko told the official F1 website.

“The rules are too complicated. The fan should be king. He should easily understand what is going on – and that is not possible with the current engine rules.

“Of course I also see Toto’s [Wolff, Mercedes F1 chief] viewpoint: if he loses his engine he loses most of his advantage, so he is fighting against it.

“How will it end? I think we will get technically simpler engines, less expensive but more noisy.

“We are moving there.”