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Danica Patrick ends her racing career with no regrets, glad for her time in NASCAR


In what will likely be her last session with reporters until after Sunday’s Indianapolis 500, Danica Patrick made two things very clear during Thursday’s Media Day at Indianapolis Motor Speedway:

First, Sunday is, without a doubt, her very last race of any type, period. Win or lose, when she climbs out of her No. 13 GoDaddy-sponsored Indy car Sunday afternoon, she will never climb back into another race car ever again.

Second, while some say her foray from IndyCar into NASCAR may have ultimately been a mistake, Patrick doesn’t see it that way.

When asked if she regrets anything in her life, Patrick replied:

“No, I don’t. Unless I ate something I wasn’t supposed to, then I regret that.

“One of my favorite statistics is the fact that I’m one of a short list of drivers that have led both the Indy 500 and the Daytona 500. I couldn’t have that if I didn’t do it (raced in NASCAR).

“There were some high points in NASCAR. It wasn’t a complete failure by any means. I mean, having a Daytona 500 pole is cool. I’ll remember some of those other races that were big for me as far as how it went.

“Maybe they weren’t wins or they weren’t vying for the win and not getting it, but they were great for me. I’ll remember those things.

“Also coming back and having this be my final race, it wouldn’t have been possible if I would have finished up in a normal way. Normally, usually when you choose your retirement, you finish up at the end of a season. I would have finished up in NASCAR. It would have been over at Homestead. That’s how it would have gone.

“Also the fact that it kind of felt like it wasn’t really finished properly, that’s what led me to think, ‘What else can I do to finish it up?’ That also has brought me back here (to Indy). It wouldn’t be so dramatic if I wasn’t gone for seven years. I’m sure I would probably have a few less people standing here.

“It’s kind of made the story what the story is. I’m just grateful I’m in a position where I have a fast car. I can see Indy on the way out the way I saw it on the way in hopefully.”

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Dan Ticktum wins crash-marred FIA F3 World Cup in Macau
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Overshadowed by a horrific crash involving Sophia Floersch was the fact that 19-year-old Dan Ticktum dominated and won the Macau Grand Prix – a victory that puts him closer to earning the superlicence required to allow him to race with Formula 1, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Ticktum won Macau’s qualification race as well as the Grand Prix, starting first in both events. For his victories, he earned 10 points, which combined with 25 for his runner-up finish in the European F3 Championship leaves him just five below the 40 needed for the license.

This was Ticktum’s second Macau Grand Prix victory.

“It was a dominant performance that I was preparing for,” Ticktum said on his web site. “I don’t think I’ve ever prepared as hard as I did for this race and it all worked out. In the final race a lot of variables were thrown at me but I handled them.”

On his way to victory lane, Ticktum had to survive several restarts including the lengthy red flag period following Floersch’s accident to repair the barrier.

“I can’t count how many safety car restarts we had to do,” Ticktum said. “It puts a lot of pressure on a driver here with such a long run down to the first corner. I can’t remember a weekend when I’ve put it all together so well.

“The car was absolutely perfect all weekend, it was so good and I can’t thank Motopark enough for that. I’ve never been so involved in the set-up, felt so at one with the car as I did this weekend.”