With F1 on summer break, Ricciardo and Red Bull go on U.S. road trip

Photo and video courtesy Red Bull Racing

Even though he announced Friday that he will be leaving Red Bull Racing at the end of the season, Daniel Ricciardo is still pretty busy during Formula One’s annual summer break.

Ricciardo is on a unique, 4,179-mile road trip that will take him and his F1 race car from San Francisco to Miami Beach.

Part of the trip is to build up momentum for the potential of a second F1 race in the U.S. Plans are currently underway for a tentative race in 2020 in Miami, to go along with the already existing late-season F1 race at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

The first phase of the road trip took Ricciardo from San Fran to the heat of Monument Valley and on to Las Vegas, including a “pit stop” on the Bay Bridge.

Check out the video below, which we have to admit is pretty cool. Too bad there’s not another seat in Ricciardo’s car, as this would be one heck of a road trip to join him on.

More chapters of the road trip are due to come soon.

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