F1: Check out video as Max Verstappen completes Red Bull’s “Road Trip USA”

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Formula One’s Red Bull Racing team has completed its “Road Trip USA,” a 4,179-mile journey from San Francisco to Miami Beach.

Max Verstappen anchored the two-driver, cross-country saga, starting at Colorado’s Independence Pass and the Continental Divide and ending up in Miami Beach’s famous sand.

Your stomach may get a little queasy at how close Verstappen came to the edge of cliffs in Colorado, or how he powered through some blind tunnels at some rather fast speeds, not knowing what was on the other side.

After having a brief drag race of sorts with a semi, Verstappen took advantage of Miami Beach. He even raced a Miami Vice-era cigarette boat and won.

“Ha ha, he wasn’t as fast as he looked,” Verstappen quipped at the slow boat.

Check out Part 2 of the Road Trip below.

And don’t forget how Verstappen’s teammate, Daniel Ricciardo, did the first stint from the Bay Area to Las Vegas. Check out the video below.

The Road Trip was part of a Red Bull promotion touting the expected F1 race in Miami Beach in 2020, to go along with the already existing late-season F1 race at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

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Christopher Bell survives caution-filled Chili Bowl Prelim

TeeJay Crawford
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Christopher Bell survived the most caution-filled Feature of the week to win Thursday’s preliminary night at the 33rd Annual Chili Bowl. His ability to hold the lead on restarts helped lock Bell into his seventh Saturday A-Feature since 2013.

“I pretty much suck on restarts. I do better when I get into a rhythm,” said Christopher Bell on twitter.

Bell started the feature in third place behind Danny Stratton and Jerry Coons Jr. He took the lead on the first official lap of the race, but not until after two Lap 1 cautions.

The Oklahoma native held the lead through the remaining 24 laps and eight cautions until being challenged by Shane Golobic and CJ Leary on the final laps. Golobic briefly made it past him though Turns 3 and 4 of the final lap. Bell regained control in 1 and 2 to claim the checkers.

“It was a lot busier than what I wanted them to be. Shane definitely made a race out of it and I hope the last four laps were a good show. It was a lot of fun … well it was fun because I won but if I hadn’t won it wouldn’t have been much fun,” Bell said regarding the final laps.

Golobic earned the second transfer into Saturday’s A-Main after starting to the outside of Bell.

Leary completed the podium with the pole sitter Stratton finished fourth.

Josh Most battled through the B after a hard crash in his heat. He rebounded to transfer to the A and drove from 22nd to fifth.

With the throng of cautions at the start and finish of the race, the goal quickly became survival. Only 15 of 24 entries completed the full feature. Notable DNF’s included Ryan Bernal who started fifth, Coons, who started on the front row and Thomas Meseraull in 15th.

NASCAR’s Justin Allgaier finished 13th and will have a long day ahead of him on Saturday.

Friday Jan. 18 will be the final Qualifying night for the 33rd annual Chili Bowl Nationals.

Thursday’s Results

1. Christopher Bell
2. Shane Golobic
3. CJ Leary
4. Danny Stratton
5. Josh Most
6. Austin Brown
7. Tracy Hines
8. Casey Shuman
9. Kyle Cummins
10. Andrew Felker
11. Austin O’Dell
12. Seth Carlson
13. Justin Allgaier
14. Chase Johnson
15. Johnny Herrera
16. Ryan Bernal
17. Jerry Coons Jr.
18. Matt Sherrell
19. Thomas Meseraull
20. Jake Morgan
21. Andrew Deal
22. Kevin Bayer
23. Kaleb Currie
24. Joe B. Miller