Cooper Webb sweeps Spring Creek in route to his first Motocross win


When Cooper Webb wins, he is determined to do so in grand style.

Weather delayed the start of Round 8 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross championship as a combination of rain and lightning kept the competition off Spring Creek MX Park in Millville, Minn. Moto 1 in the 250 class was a muddy affair. The track began to dry before the 450 class took to the track, but the ruts continued to deepen.

Webb did not allow a little moisture to rain on his parade. He scored his first career moto win in Moto 1 and then picked up where he left off. in Moto 2.

Prior to this weekend, Webb had not even stood on the podium in the Motocross series.

Webb was leading Moto 2 early when he saw Ken Roczen triple the uphill segment for the first time in the combined races. Emboldened, Webb was certain he could do that on the following lap. He couldn’t. Webb crashed and allowed Roczen to get around.

“I was feeling good,” Webb said. “Ken was riding awesome and I went and followed him up the triple and I crashed – which sucked. But I just got up and put my head down. I knew I had some tricks up my sleeve.”

Webb charged hard for the remainder of the race and finally caught back up to Roczen as time ran off the clock. With two laps remaining Roczen lost momentum in the whoops and allowed Webb to blaze past.

This is the first career win for the 2019 Supercross champion who has struggled for most of the outdoor season. Webb’s best finish so far this year was fourth, which he scored three times. In fact, Webb is coming off back to back fourth-place finishes at Southwick and RedBud.

Zach Osborne took second overall with two consistent motos. Finishing fourth in Moto 1 and third in Moto 2, he scored his third consecutive podium after finishing third overall in WW Ranch and second at Southwick. Osborne missed last week’s race at RedBud with a shoulder injury sustained in practice.

Eli Tomac padded his points lead over Marvin Musquin. He finished a comfortable second in Moto 1 and then struggled in Moto 2 to finish fifth. As has been the case all season, Tomac struggled to put two motos together. Tomac ran up on Justin Bogle and stalled his bike. The mark of his championships have been a refusal to give up. His 2-5 was enough to score third overall.

“I just wasn’t on it in that moto,” Tomac said after the second race. “No one to blame there but myself. Just some bad riding. The mistake there in the back didn’t help me at all – shuffled me back a few spots.

“Got to regroup and come out swinging for Washougal.”

A big pileup in Moto 2 gobbled up Marvin Musquin and pinned him under his bike for the second time in two weeks. Musquin was forced to overcome the loss of track position and finish seventh. Finishing 3-7, Musquin finished fourth overall but lost four points to Tomac.

Roczen came close to winning a fourth moto of the season and he needs a strong run. He finished second in Moto 2, but coupled with a 14th in Moto 1, he lost a ton of points. Roczen finished fifth overall.

450 Moto 1 Results
450 Moto 2 Results
450 Overall Results
Points Standings

Mud or dry – it doesn’t matter for Adam Cianciarulo.

In Moto 1, Cianciarulo was riding a snake after getting a clod of dirt in his goggles that limited his vision. He followed the leader Hunter Lawrence off course early in the race, had several instances during which he flew sideways across ruts, and finally went off course and then down with four minutes on the clock. Somewhere in the midst of all the chaos, he was forced to jettison his eyewear.

The mud giveth and the mud taketh away – but it tooketh away only one spot since then fourth-place Chase Sexton was more than 20 seconds behind him at the time.

Moto 2 was never in question. Cianciarulo grabbed the lead at the start and never looked back. While second through fifth battled with a few seconds between each position, he climbed to a 22-second advantage with about five minutes remaining. He cruised home and earned the overall with a 3-1.

“I’m not really an angry person,” Cianciarulo told NBC Sports Gold after the conclusion of Moto 2. “But after that first moto for some reason I was really mad. Just mad at the situation. It was frustrating and I had to get to my girlfriend in the semi and put my ear pods on and just breathe.”

Still angry by the time the moto started, Cianciarulo used that to focus him.

Alex Martin wanted to make a statement on his home track. With the family home literally on the property, this track is special and Martin pushed harder than in any race. Finishing second in both motos, he took second overall. Martin made a dramatic pass in Moto 2 as time ran off the clock and the 3-lap-to-go sign was shown.

After the race’s conclusion, Martin was penalized one position for not slowing sufficiently when he went off course. His 2-3 was still enough to finish second overall. This was Martin’s first overall podium since this race last year when he finished third.

Lawrence took the lead early in Moto 1. It is difficult to pass on a muddy track and despite making a few charges, Cianciarulo was unable to get to the lead before he went down. As has been the case too often this season, the second moto was Lawrence’s undoing. Missing a shift off the line, he finished sixth, but with a 1-6 he was able to stand on bottom step of the podium.

With nine minutes remaining on the clock, the second-place rider in points Dylan Ferrandis showed both what makes him so great and risky. Flying through the whoops, he blasted past Colt Nichols. At the end of the straightaway, he was unable to navigate the turn and went down – handing the position right back to his teammate.

Ferrandis finished fourth overall with a 5-4.

Shane McElrath rounded out the top five with a 4-5.

Chase Sexton’s return showed a lot of promise in the first moto. He was riding fourth when he went down in the mud and fell back through the field. Finishing seventh in Moto 2, he scored a respectable 12th overall.

250 Moto 1 Results
250 Moto 2 Results
250 Overall Results
Points Standings

Moto Wins

[6] Eli Tomac (Hangtown II, Pala I & Pala II, Thunder Valley II, WW Ranch II, RedBud I)
[3] Ken Roczen (Hangtown I, Thunder Valley I, High Point II)
[3] Marvin Musquin (WW Ranch I, The Wick I, RedBud II)
[2] Cooper Webb (Spring Creek I & II)
[1] Blake Baggett (High Point I)
[1] Zach Osborne (The Wick II)

[6] Adam Cianciarulo (Hangtown II, Pala II, Thunder Valley I, High Point II, The Wick I, Spring Creek II)
[4] Dylan Ferrandis (WW Ranch II, The Wick II, RedBud I & II)
[3] Justin Cooper (Hangtown I, Pala I, Thunder Valley I)
[2] Hunter Lawrence (High Point I, Spring Creek I)
[1] Chase Sexton (WW Ranch I)

Next race: Washougal MX Park, Washougal, Wash., July 27

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2023 SuperMotocross Power Rankings after Motocross season opener: Jett Lawrence rockets to the top


As the SuperMotocross season heads outdoors, the NBC Power Rankings change significantly with results from the Motocross opener at Fox Raceway in Pala, California. The Power Rankings assign a numeric value to each individual moto (90 points maximum) as well as the overall standings (100 points) and averages that number over the past 45 days. Included in the Power Rankings are results from the final five Supercross rounds, which fit into that 45-day timeframe.

Dylan Ferrandis finished on the podium in his first race back after experience a concussion in Supercross Round 4 at Houston. – Align Media

It didn’t take long for Jett Lawrence to rocket to the top of the SuperMotocross rankings – only about 74 minutes in fact. Lawrence dominated his first moto and beat his teammate Chase Sexton, the 2023 Monster Energy Supercross champion, to the line by 10 seconds. He had to fight a little harder for the second moto win as Sexton stalked him throughout the race and ended up less than a second behind.

Beginning this week, we have added the SuperMotocross points’ ranking beside the rider’s name and in one fell swoop, Lawrence went from being unranked in the 450 class to 26th. To qualify for the inaugural SuperMotocross’ guaranteed 20 positions that automatically make the gate for the three-race championship series, Lawrence needs to be inside the top 20 in combined Supercross and Motocross points. The bubble is currently held by Justin Starling and Lawrence needs to make up 44 points to overtake him.

Sexton’s second-place finish in the overall standings at Fox Raceway marked his ninth consecutive top-five finish. After the race, Sexton compared the battle he had with Lawrence to the one he experienced with Eli Tomac in last year’s Pro Motocross championship. These two riders had a significant advantage over the field in Pala, but there is still a lot of racing to be completed.

MORE: Jett Lawrence wastes no time, wins first 450 race

After missing 13 rounds to a concussion, Dylan Ferrandis told NBC Sports that he was not going to do anything risky in the season opener at Fox Raceway. If he dialed back his effort at all, one would be hard-pressed to notice. He finished third in both motos and was third in the overall standings. Ferrandis began the weekend just outside the top 20 in combined SuperMotocross points and climbed to 19th. In the next few weeks, he will get a little more breathing room over the cutline and then challenge for wins.

Adam Cianciarulo’s three-race streak of top-five finishes ended with a sixth-place overall at Fox Raceway, but that was enough to advance him one position in the NBC SuperMotocross Power Rankings and land him eighth in the combined points standings. His individual motos were moderate, but Cianciarulo is still battling the effects of injury and a nagging loss of strength in his wrist.

Aaron Plessinger returned from injury in the Supercross season finale to finish second at Salt Lake City. He added another top-five to his season total and now has six of those in the 13 rounds he’s made. With Ken Roczen and Eli Tomac not currently racing in Motocross, Plessinger has an opportunity to rise to the third seeding in short order.

450 Rankings

Driver (SMX rank) Power
1. Jett Lawrence (26) 93.33 NA
2. Chase Sexton (1) 92.36 1 -1
3. Dylan Ferrandis (19) 89.00 NA
4. Adam Cianciarulo (8) 82.89 5 1
5. Aaron Plessinger (5) 81.20 9 4
6. Justin Hill (9)
Not racing MX
79.75 8 2
7. Ken Roczen (4)
injured | Not racing MX
79.13 3 -4
8. Jose Butron (30) 75.67 NA
9. Lorenzo Locurcio (29) 75.00 NA
10. Eli Tomac (2)
74.50 2 -8
11. Dean Wilson (10)
Not racing MX
72.88 7 -4
12. Cooper Webb (3) 71.17 6 -6
13. Jerry Robin (32) 70.33 NA
14. Justin Barcia (6)
70.00 4 -10
15. Kyle Chisholm (15) 65.36 11 -4
16. Dante Oliveira (36) 65.00 NA
17. Shane McElrath (11)
Not racing MX
63.63 12 -5
18. Ryan Surratt (38) 63.33 NA
19. Josh Hill (13)
Not racing MX
62.38 13 -6
20. Justin Starling (20)
Not racing MX
62.13 19 -1

Motocross 450 Points

A bad start to Moto 1 at Fox Raceway was not enough to deter Hunter Lawrence. Neither was the fact that he was riding with sore ribs after experiencing a practice crash earlier in the week. He was a distant 10th to start the first race and for most of the 30 minutes, it seemed he would finish off the podium. Lawrence did not win the 250 East Supercross championship by giving in to hopelessness or pain, however.

Lawrence picked off one rider and then another until he found the battle for the top five in front of him at the halfway point. Once the field started to lap riders, Lawrence used the opportunity to continue forward through the grid. He passed third-place Jo Shimoda with two laps remaining and challenged Maximus Vohland for second on the final trip around Fox Raceway, but had to settle for the final spot on the podium. Lawrence dominated Moto 2 and claimed the overall victory in Pala.

Justin Cooper made his first start of the season at Fox Raceway and earned enough NBC Power Average points to climb to second. Partly this was due to consistently strong runs in both motos and a 5-4 that gave him the fifth position overall, but he is also not weighed down with moderate Supercross results. It will take a week or two to see where his strength lands him on the grid.

Motocross 250 Points

In only his third Pro Motocross National, Haiden Deegan scored a second-place finish in the overall standings. – Align Media

RJ Hampshire may feel he has something to prove after finishing second to Jett Lawrence in the 250 SX West division. He certainly rode like that was the case in Moto 1 and easily outpaced the field on his way to victory lane. In Moto 2, he crashed twice on Lap 1 and dropped back to 39th. It took half of the race to get inside the top 20 and salvage points. By the end of the race, he was 11th and while that was enough to get him on the overall podium, it cost him points in the NBC SuperMotocross Power Rankings.

Haiden Deegan surprised the field in Houston in his 250 Supercross debut by finishing fifth. At the time, he said his strong result was because there were no expectations. He echoed that statement after the Motocross season opener. His second-place finish in the overall standings was enough to project him five positions up the SuperMotocross Rankings. In 11 rounds in the combined series, Deegan has earned seven top-fives and a worst finish of eighth.

Jo Shimoda did not make his first Supercross race of 2023 until late in the season. He finished fourth on the hybrid track of Atlanta, which had some similar elements to Fox Raceway. His fourth-place finish in Moto 1 of the Motocross opener made it seem likely he would score an overall podium, but a sixth in the second race cost him points in the NBC Power Rankings in a field that promises to be extremely tight.

250 Rankings

Driver (SMX rank) Power
1. Hunter Lawrence (1) 89.56 2 1
2. Justin Cooper (42) 84.67 NA
3. RJ Hampshire (3) 83.67 3 0
3. Haiden Deegan (4) 83.67 8 5
5. Jo Shimoda (16) 82.33 7 2
6. Guillem Farres (46) 79.33 NA
7. Levi Kitchen (6) 79.11 5 -2
8. Max Anstie (5) 77.83 12 4
9. Max Vohland (8) 77.50 14 5
10. Enzo Lopes (10) 76.00 11 1
11. Mitchell Oldenburg (13) 74.25 16 5
12. Carson Mumford (19) 71.22 17 5
13. Jordon Smith (7) 70.56 9 -4
14. Ryder DiFrancesco (48) 70.33 NA
15. Chris Blose (12) 67.00 13 -2
16. Chance Hymas (27) 66.00 19 3
17. Tom Vialle (9) 65.78 18 1
18. Jett Reynolds (55) 63.33 NA
19. Michael Mosiman (28) 62.33 20 1
20. Garrett Marchbanks (64) 59.00 NA

* The NBC Power Rankings assign 100 points to a Main event winner in Supercross and overall winner in Motocross. It awards 90 points for each Moto, Heat and Triple Crown win. The points decrement by a percentage equal to the number of riders in the field until the last place rider in each event receives five points. The Power Ranking is the average of these percentage points over the past 45 days.

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